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You will receive the exact piece you wanted with the highest quality of products and craftsmanship

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We offer you a FREE consultation session with one of our Furniture Designers to give you the best solution.

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Our Team is dedicated to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve when you order at 1BENMU

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1BENMU is all about Superior designs and Elegant custom furniture.

Our specialists in Scarborough have an extreme eye for detail and specialize in designing unique handcrafted pieces. Given that, we will make sure that your home or commercial space is functional, practical, and beautiful.

At 1BENMU, we guarantee to manufacture amazing furniture pieces by using 100% solid wood and sustainably harvested materials and superior craftsmanship that will fit exactly your specific needs.


Our Specialists

1BENMU is one of the top design-driven and high-quality woodworking providers in Toronto. Each woodworker on our team is a specialist in his field. Together, we make sure you will get Superior designs and Unrivaled quality Furniture.

Our talented woodworkers & designers in Toronto are OCAD University graduates and have dozens of projects in their portfolios and a great passion for furniture designing and craftsmanship.


Our Values

At 1BENMU we believe that craftsmanship means more than just a process of making, a way of doing, or even a reason for striving for the craft piece.
For us, it is a Spirit of Being, it is how and why we choose to stand in front of and to push forward the generation of our time.

The value of craftsmanship goes beyond that of making objects.
It is the continuum of the object and its user, seeing beyond the initial stage, remembering the nature of growth in human beings as well as in craft objects. 

When craftsmanship is being seen as the spirit of being, it resonates within us a reminder that we are part of a larger story of humanity, that our efforts are communal and our spirit is long-lasting. One of the greatest contributing factors to good craftsmanship is the craftsman’s desire to do good work, the gradual accumulation of knowledge and skills, and the ever-stronger conviction that one was meant to do this one particular thing in one’s life, which requires complete dedication and self-motivation. 

If craftsmanship can be seen beyond the scope of craft making, perhaps then it could escape the fate of amateurism and once again be respected and appreciated as one of our modern spirits of being.

It has been demonstrated that craftsmanship can help us reveal our identity, it reminds us of the importance of human efforts, also shapes our own values.

Absolutely! Most of our designers are available for in-person consultations during studio hours. Please contact us regarding availability and to book your consultation with one of our design team members. Our store is located at 1710 Midland Ave Unit 7, Scarborough, Ontario M1P3C7 and our studio hours are: 10 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday.