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Minimalist Kitchen Design

Inner Peace Built to Last

Come home to the beautiful details of your urban getaway.

This kitchen design features a warm and inviting palette of soft whites with subtle grey accents, reminiscent of a relaxing getaway on the lakeside. The deliberate use of white oak texture seamlessly blends with the muted neutrals in the minimalist space. 

The subtle details of its real wood top layer encourage family members to relax and unwind in peace. The matte finish retains a refined look for an elegant kitchen that will function efficiently as the central hub of your home.

  • Name: Natural Minimalist
  • Kitchen size: 13’*8’ L Shape
  • Price range: $11,000-$18,000

Solid Wood Slat Kitchen Design

Harmony built to last

This natural-looking solid wood kitchen with a slat island and slatted kitchen doors is the perfect intersection between elegance and practicality. It is created with the purpose to maximise your storage capacities as well as creating harmony in the most essential space of your home. Solid wood is the material of use, which gives a grounded feeling and creates an intimacy with nature in your every interaction. Crafted by a team of experts who put their hearts and souls, the cabinetry breathes a freshness that can only be brought to life by the finest natural materials and advanced technologies.

The result is limitless design choices in an impressive range of styles, with sanded or refinished surfaces, and custom handle profiles on the door panel.

  • Name: Uptown Sanctuary
  • Kitchen Size: 13’*8’ L Shape
  • Price Range: $18,000-$25,000

Modern Melamine Kitchen Design

Imaginations built to last

Embrace your modern dream of melamine kitchen styles.

A breathtaking variety of colours, patterns, and textures is made possible with only the most versatile decorative panels, manufactured using 100% recycled wood materials. From a dramatic statement of colours to clean contemporary lines, the durable decorative paper makes possible a whole range of design styles and storage solutions.

The melamine kitchens are perfect for a fun and vibrant family who won’t hesitate to let their imaginations fly in the heart of their home.

  • Name: Eclectic Fantasy
  • Kitchen size: 13’*8’ L Shape
  • Price Range:  $10,000-$15,000

Walnut Wood Veneer Kitchen Design

Good Taste Built to Last

A lasting blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

The black walnut wood veneer kitchen features a natural wood pattern with gold accents that give an old-world charm mixed with modern simplicity. The clean lines blend with any dark surface of the cabinetry to create a rich vibe and unpretentious laid-back air.

The contemporary flat door panels and chamfered-edge door handles are among the many elements to add a warm casual feel to your unique personal taste.

  • Name: Sophisticated Luxury
  • Kitchen size: 13’*8’ L Shape
  • Price Range: $11,000-$18,000
Ania Pienio
Ania Pienio
Really professional and dedicated staff. Custom work is always a longer process and it was worth the wait. We live our vertical slat walls. The installers worked extra hard to make the design work in our difficult place. Shout out to Frank, Carter and Mr.Liu.
Sahi kakkar
Sahi kakkar
Awesome work . They did yesterday
eileen hipfner
eileen hipfner
I purchased a small step stool from 1BENMU and am delighted with it. It is beautifully designed, constructed and finished, and very sturdy. I’m impressed with workmanship.
Anna Chiandet
Anna Chiandet
Muchi was completely open to manufacturing a millwork design they had never produced before. It was a pleasure to brainstorm with the team, especially Henry, to achieve the design the client wanted. During the entire process and a few changes, they never said ‘No’. Sharon was always available to guide questions and provide updates. The installation was complex and they executed it perfectly. I found the team very courteous, respectful and professional. I have very high standards when it comes to workmanship and Muchi delivered. I will absolutely use them again.
Josh Richmond
Josh Richmond
Right from the first time we contacted the guys, we were impressed by their responsiveness, attention and enthusiasm. We asked them to create a slat wall that serves as a visual boundary around a space in our house and also as an interesting visual that stands out in the space. The end product is fantastic and we constantly receive compliments on it from our guests. Their pricing was also fair and reasonable. We will definitely contact Carter and Henry again if we need more custom millwork.
Philip Cimo
Philip Cimo
1BENMU did an outstanding job on delivering and fabricating an offsite slat wall. They worked in close contact with our GC. Project called for a high end office reception room wall feature and 1BENMU delivered. It looks great. A lot of attention to detail from 1BENMU. I highly recommend their service if your looking for great service and product.
Joel Lpc
Joel Lpc
I honestly wish more people would know about this place. If you are huge on interior, this is the place where you would want to get your furniture with high quality. I ordered an oak wood bench a few months back and have been using it on the daily. The aesthetic and quality are both there, and the bench was easy to assemble. Overall, I would purchase from this shop again and would highly recommend the shop to anyone.
Great company. Reasonable price. Detailed craftsmanship. Many pieces are done by hand. They have a lot of young and modern concept and ideas. I highly recommend them to any project. Whatever you can imagine, they can make it come true.

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Questions To Ask Your Custom Kitchen Cabinet Maker in Toronto

There are several things that homeowners need to remember when they are designing a custom kitchen with cabinet makers. In addition to the overall design and layout of your kitchen, one important thing is to consider how you can maximize storage space without making it look too cluttered.

Custom cabinets allow homeowners to create different compartments and shelves which can be used for storing different items.

One good approach to creating more space is to use corner units. Another approach is to make room on the upper cabinets by using open storage designs without doors. This makes it easy for homeowners to quickly grab their frequently used kitchen items.

Do you provide custom kitchen installation in Toronto?

We provide our custom kitchen installation services all across Toronto & the GTA. Our service areas include, but are not limited to:


  • Bridle Path
  • Casa Loma
  • Don Mills
  • East York
  • Etobicoke
  • Forest Hill
  • Golden Mile
  • Hoggs Hollow
  • Kingsway South
  • Lawrence Park South
  • Leaside
  • Lytton Park
  • North York
  • Nortown
  • Rosedale
  • Scarborough
  • St. Andrew-Windfields
  • Summerhill
  • The Beaches
  • Willowdale
  • Yonge-Eglinton
  • Yonge-St. Clair
  • York Mills
  • Yorkville

When most people think of kitchens, they tend to think of cooking and eating. However, in recent years, the trend has changed so much kitchen designs are now about more than just cooking.

Many homeowners are allocating more space within their kitchens for activities that are designed to relax or entertain. For example, if you have an outdoor patio then consider adding a counter that is separate from the main kitchen. You can then use this counter for more casual dining, breakfast bars, or even drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

If you have an eat-in kitchen nook then consider placing a coffee table in the middle of the nook to create a cozy living room area where your family can sit and read or socialize.

On a more functional note, you can also consider adding a desk to your kitchen so that you have a designated space for home-based projects and homework. Don’t forget about lighting either because it’s important to have adequate illumination so that you can see what you’re doing when moving from the living room to the kitchen to the dining room. Also, think about storage. Most people see a kitchen as a place to store dishes and food but now you can have flat panel cabinets that allow you to keep your countertop appliances within reach but out of sight when not being used.

Under-cabinet lighting is also great for this purpose as it will illuminate your countertops while not taking away from your other lighting in the room. Also, try to avoid placing appliances directly on top of cabinets as this also takes away from available countertop space.

For more information, please feel free to contact our custom kitchen designers to learn more about how we will help you with your kitchen project.

When it comes to designing your kitchen, the first thing that you have to do is take note of your needs. The function of a room can be used as an effective guide for planning and completing your kitchen design. After taking note of your specific requirements, you can now move on to the actual planning phase.

You should also take into consideration the available space in your kitchen. It is also important to consider ease of cleaning and safety when planning your room’s design.

Before you even think about designing, it is important that you know what kind of kitchen tools you really need. You can then use these as a guide for deciding on the most efficient design. Moreover, the design should be consistent with how often these equipment are used so they will not go unused or forgotten someplace at the back of a cabinet or drawer after being replaced by newer models.

Once you have selected the basic appliances needed for your kitchen, you can now proceed to choose your cabinets and countertops. When selecting your cabinets, it would be wise to choose those that are highly durable since they will be placed in an area where spills are likely to occur. You can choose from different types of wood materials including cherry, maple, oak, and birch.

You may also consider using laminate for your countertops if you don’t want the hassle of dealing with natural stones. However, avoid using Corian or any other man-made solid surface like Formica since they are easily scratched especially when dragged across by knives during cutting. These materials are also very difficult to clean compared to the traditional granite or marble stone.

Seamless countertops made out of stainless steel can also make a great choice for kitchen counters because it is highly durable, easy to clean and maintain, and does not absorb odors easily compared to other man-made materials.

There are also other choices for your kitchen countertop including wood, glass, stone, and tile materials. You can even combine different materials to create a unique look that will certainly enhance the overall atmosphere of your room’s design. Moreover, these types of kitchen countertops are easier to maintain compared to traditional solid surfaces because they are more resistant to stains and scratches.

However, one thing you have to consider when choosing these types of countertops is their weight since it might be difficult for some people to lift them up during cleaning or rearranging cabinets. If you opt for these types of countertops, always make sure that they are properly secured down so there is no chance of slipping out while in use.

There are several different layouts for kitchen islands and cabinets. Learning about these layouts is very important so you can decide on the most suitable one for your own kitchen design.

The L-shaped layout has an island that extends from one side of the room to another such that it creates an L shape when combined with the wall. This type of island is particularly good if you have a small space as it maximizes the available room by fitting two kitchen cabinets on one wall. It also makes cooking easier as you will have plenty of countertop space to work on.

The U-shaped layout has an island that runs from any corner of the room and forms a U shape upon reaching the other corner. This type of layout is effective because it offers large working space and also leaves plenty of room for storage. However, the U-shaped island could be difficult to maneuver especially when preparing food because you need to continuously move around its perimeter in order to access all areas of the kitchen.

Another layout is the single-column island that extends from one corner of the room going straight to another corner. This type of design is great if the room has plenty of space as it provides a lot of countertop space for food preparation and cooking plus you can also use it as a storage area since there are no cabinets that interrupt its path.

The first thing you need to consider when choosing between wood veneer and MDF cabinets is their price. Generally, MDF-painted cabinets offer a lower price point compared to real wood panels because it is made from cheaper materials such as sawdust and wood shavings. When it comes to quality, there is no difference between the two materials since they both offer impressive durability.

However, veneer offers more natural features compared to MDF panels because it is made of real wood while the latter is composed of sawdust and wood shavings so veneer would be a better choice if you want your cabinets to look like rustic solid wood.

Finally, PET material is a mix of plastic and fiberglass that is commonly used to make laminated kitchen cabinets. It offers high durability but it is more expensive compared to other types of materials available in the market. The PET material contains a very strong resin which makes it highly resistant to water, heat, and scratches.

Moreover, these types of cabinets are also stain-resistant. While it is more durable than other types of materials, you have to make sure that your kitchen cabinets are properly cared for so they can serve you for a long time.

There are several types of materials that you can use for your cabinets. Some examples include natural wood, laminates, and engineered wood. Natural wood is considered the best choice for cabinets because it is easy to clean and maintain plus it has a classic design which makes it perfect for any type of home. However, laminated or engineered wood.

Choosing the right type of cabinets for your kitchen can be a daunting task especially if you are not very familiar with different styles and designs. The good news is that there are only three main types of cabinets – shaker, frameless and traditional – which include an endless variety of designs that you can choose from based on your personal preferences.

  • Shaker cabinets are made up of thin stiles and flat panels which offer an elegant yet durable storage option for your kitchen.
  • Frameless cabinets, on the other hand, consist of thick frame components with inset doors for added strength and durability.
  • Traditional style cabinets come in versatile designs including raised panels, recessed panels, and flat-panel doors.


As for the type of cabinet door style, your choise should depend on your personal preferences as well as the overall look and feel of your kitchen. There are several types of cabinets available in the market namely: Shaker, inset, flat panel, and recessed panel.

Flat-panel cabinets have a sleek design which makes them perfect for modern kitchens with a minimalist design. These cabinets look like they are hanging from the walls and they do not feature any raised surfaces or protruding features that can obstruct the flow of traffic in the kitchen.

Recessed panel cabinets provide a traditional country look with raised panels and moldings on all four sides. They also come with recessed doors which make your kitchen look a bit more spacious.

Inset cabinets have a sleek look similar to the flat panels but they do not have any recessed areas so the whole door is flush with the cabinet frame. Many homeowners prefer this type of door because it does not protrude from the cabinet making it easier to open and close them.

Shaker cabinets are made of five separate pieces namely the frame, panel, two stiles, and one rail. These cabinets are also known as “box” or “framed” because their edges are raised making them look more solid.

A modern kitchen design with sleek lines and contemporary finishes can appeal to most homeowners. However, this type of design might not be suitable for everyone especially if you have a large family or need your kitchen to accommodate frequent guests. Here are the important elements that you should consider when designing a modern kitchen:

Kitchen islands – This includes any countertop within the kitchen. If you have a small space, it is best to use a smaller island compared with a larger space where you can utilize a large or expanded island design.

Cooking appliances – Most modern kitchens have at least one wall that includes all of the cooking appliances such as ovens and stoves, microwave ovens, and cooktops. But some homeowners also include refrigerators, dishwashers, countertop ranges, and warming drawers.

Storage space – One of the most important elements in a kitchen design is the need for cabinets or storage spaces where you can keep cooking items like pots, pans, dishes, and cutlery. This not only gives your kitchen an organized look but also prevents clutter on the countertops.

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