Who we are

1BENMU is all about Superior designs and Elegant furniture.

Our specialists in Scarborough have an extreme eye for detail and specialize in designing unique handcrafted pieces. Given that, we will make sure that your home or commercial space is functional, practical and beautiful.

At 1BENMU, we also guarantee to manufacture amazing furniture pieces by using 100% solid wood and sustainably harvested materials and superior craftsmanship that will fit exactly your specific needs.

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Our Specialists

1BENMU is one of the top design-driven and high-quality woodworking providers in Toronto. Each woodworker of our team is a specialist in his field. Together, we make sure you will get Superior designs and Unrivaled quality Furniture.Our talented woodworkers & designers in Toronto are OCAD University graduates and have dozens of projects in their portfolios and great passion for furniture designing and craftsmanship.

What 1BENMU can offer you?

It is our job as woodworkers, designers and makers to make the customers realize the time aspect of how long the tree takes to grow.When we think about the table that we use or the chair that we sit on, we have to think about the years that it takes for this tree to mature. That is a beauty and also the value in the wood itself that we need to understand and cherish.Please feel free to contact us to meet the craftsmen behind the 1BENMU Furniture and to learn more about how our furniture specialists will help you with your furniture searching.

Our Team

Let meet our creative and talented Woodworkers & Designers

  • Henry is a designer and furniture specialist. He is the head craftsman and he maintains the high standards and keeps everything in line and organized. He is an Environmental and Furniture Designer from OCAD University and additionally an OCAD instructor.


  • Alex is a Bachelor of Arts Degree holder with a major in Industrial design at OCAD. He has the skill to draw our woodworking products with 3D modelling software in order to facilitate the revolution of craft, practicality and aesthetically. He has experience in Model Making, APP Prototyping, Arduino, Keyshot, Rhino 3D, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop etc.


  • Wenxiang is an Industrial Designer. He has hands-on experience in developing various creative designs and advanced working knowledge. Finally, he has technical skills in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign), Rhino 3D, Solidworks and KeyShot. He specialized in dining tables & real wood table tops.


  • Sam is a Bachelor of Design Degree Holder and a professional woodworker. He is the crafty and creative one, especially when it comes to unique Charcuterie boards. He loves doing all the finicky fine details behind the scene. Sam is passionate to create something tangible that may enrich people’s lives with the language of furniture. Finally, he believes that functionality and the aesthetics of the piece are both ideals in a good design.


  • Jacob is a talented young professional in the furniture/industrial design industry. He already has more than dozens of designs and projects in his portfolio, such as the traditional solid wood chair set. He is a strong craftsman who is capable of making products out of simple material.