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We Strive for Excellence in Every Project We Undertake

At 1BENMU, we’re driven by the pursuit of excellence in design, quality, and environmental responsibility and Meganite Solid Surface allows us to bring these values to life in our projects. Known for its innovative designs and commitment to sustainability, Meganite has become a cornerstone of our interior design and architecture solutions.

Custom Meganite Countertops

About Meganite Solid Surface

Why We Choose Meganite For Our Custom Countertops

Are you looking for a solution that combines creativity, quality, and sustainability? Look no further. With Meganite and 1BENMU, you can transform your space into something extraordinary. Meganite is more than just a building material. It’s a statement of style, quality, and conscious living.

A Rich History: Established in 1976, Meganite has evolved from manufacturing composite materials like resins and gel coats to creating the Meganite Solid Surface. With over 2500 designs, it’s a brand that resonates with modern aesthetics and timeless elegance.

Global Reach, Personal Touch: Distributed in most major world cities and featured in top interior design firms, Meganite has a global presence that doesn’t sacrifice individual attention. Their focus on providing quality products to architects, designers, and end customers aligns perfectly with 1BENMU’s approach to personalized design.

Sustainability Matters: Meganite’s commitment to the environment is reflected in its certifications and sustainable practices:

  • Food Safety: NSF/ANSI Standard 51 Certified for food contact, ensuring safety for all food types in commercial food preparation.
  • Recycled Options: Many popular colors are offered in SCS-certified recycled options containing a minimum of 6% recycled material.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Certified for indoor air quality on VOCs with Green Guard Gold, Meganite meets the strictest certification criteria to ensure safe environments, especially in schools and healthcare facilities.

Working Together to Realize Your Vision: With Meganite, we’re able to translate your ideas into reality. The unique and trendy designs, frequent quality checks, and global services make Meganite products ideal for 1BENMU.

1BENMU Meganite Countertops Experts in Toronto

When it comes to modern interior design, 1BENMU is one of the top design-driven and high-quality millwork and kitchen cabinet design experts in Toronto and the GTA.

Our designers and contractors are changing the way people think about interior space design and leveraging Meganite’s product durability and aesthetic appeal, we transform residential and commercial spaces into something unique.

Please note that we only use Meganite in our custom projects and we don’t have any sponsorship, partnership, authorization, or other direct connection with the mentioned brand. Learn more about Meganite Products.

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