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Lazy Susan Turntable

Round Walnut Dining Table

Instead of searching endlessly for that perfect piece, why not design your own lazy susan turntable?
The custom pieces you choose to fill your rooms is undoubtedly an expression of your unique sense of style.

This round table is made out of solid black walnut wood and it is entirely designed and made in our studio in Toronto.

It is best to use as a dining table and can sit up to 6 adults. Unlike any common round walnut dining table with straight legs, this table features a hexagon shape support from narrowing up to the center of the round table. 

The hexagon won’t affect the seating, in fact, it can help divide the seating equally as well, a chair can be placed at a face or a corner. On top of the table, it comes with a rotating plate, Wooden Lazy Susan. 

The wooden plate is used to place cooked dishes, and the users will be able to rotate the plate, delivering dishes to each person around the table. 

Lazy Susan is also made out of solid walnut wood, creating a perfect match to the table and the hexagon base.

Wooden Lazy Susan Turntable 

Lazy Susan turntable is made out of completely solid black walnut wood with minimum screws in the hexagon base to enforce the strength of the support for the table weight.

By fusing pieces of solid walnut wood together, we are able to create a surface big enough to make this round walnut dining table, then it will be cut into the round shape that we see. 

In order to bring out the true elegance of this solid walnut table, only clear furnishing oil is applied on each surface. 

The walnut will darken slightly after absorbing the oil, bringing out the natural detail, beauty of the wood grain.

Walnut Round Table with Lazy Susan Project Result

Our goal is to provide our clients with fine custom tables, for every room of their home that will not only fit perfectly into their space but will also have features they want and need.

This one of the kind round walnut table is designed and produced to reflect our client’s distinct style and it is the exact wood piece he was looking for. 

Finally, we always use only the best high-grade wood materials and finishes, which means that the end product won’t have a limited life-span. 

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