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Extendable Wood Tables

Extendable Dining Table Project

This wooden extendable dining table is made completely of solid walnut wood pieces that guarantee a lifetime worth of elegance.

All surfaces of the table are made from solid walnut wood, thus the colour difference is minimal.

The walnut extendable table will undergo the process of fusing multiple pieces of walnut wood together, to create a surface big enough for the dining table. After that, we trim the excessive sides leaving only clean sleek edges.

When the walnut pieces are strong, we sand the surface, to make sure the table surface is soft to touch for the users.

Finally, we apply a natural oil finish, bringing this way out the natural colour of the walnut wood, its wood grain, and pattern, leaving an elegant piece in your dining area.

Expandable Dining Table for 8

By having an extendable wood table you can easily maximize the available space in your dining room when it is closed for everyday use and expand it for special occasions, such as holiday dinners, parties and celebrations.

It can normally fit approximately 4 adults, 2 per each side, when closed and can be extended to fit up to 3 per each side simply by pulling the table apart and insert the additional extension piece. 

Of course, 2 more people can be added on the shorter side of the table to increase the seating capacity to 8.

The connecting side of each surface has slits for the extra surface to lock into the table, preventing it from slipping off the table. 

Top 5 Benefits of Extended Wood Tables

Save space

The walnut extendable table helps to keep your environment tidy and it saves space by shortening the table when the extra length is not needed. This provides a greater moving space on daily basis for you and everyone who’s sharing the same space.


Expand to accommodates more guests

The walnut extendable table can be expanded by simply pulling out the table and place the wooden top over the gap to extend the usable surface. The extended extendable table can now accommodate more guests at once, and everyone can share the space together. This helps bring closer each other and increase the relationship through easier interaction.



Using wood not only brings out the natural beauty of the workpiece but also showcases a sense of elegance. Our Walnut Extendable Table is made out of solid walnut wood or other types of wood depending on your preference. The beautiful natural wood pattern and wood grain provide an unspeakable natural elegance.


Easy to clean

With our finishes, the wooden extendable table is easy to clean, simply use a dab of a wet towel to remove any minor stain from the table. If there are any light scratches, it can be easily fixed by rubbing some beeswax over them. It will not only reduce the scratch, but it will also repolish the table to bring the shine back as if you just got a new table.


The solid wood table is durable

Tables made from solid wood are no doubt will be sturdy. Wood is highly dense and heavy and depending on the wood, some have high rot-resistant and water-resistant as well. When making the piece, we will make sure to evaporate any moisture from the wood itself to prevent warping. Solid wood made extendable tables are not only highly durable, high sustainability, and high rot resistance, it will last a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.

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