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If you are looking to buy a unique bench for you dining room, then our wooden bench specialists will help you to make your decision-making easier. We specialize in creating all kinds of customized wood furniture and we are always excited to create unique indoor entryway and dining benches designs. 

We have extensive experience and expertise working with handmade benches and will help you to choose the right design and materials based on your budget.

You can choose a style that will best suit your space and order a wooden bench made of oak or a black walnut that will look great next to your wood table.

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Benefits of a Custom Bench made of Wood

We are using only high-quality material. This way we can offer you superior quality seating with the highest level of strength and durability. Benches that are made of hardwood, are extremely durable and stable and can literally last for generations when properly cared for. 1BENMU adds a protective coating on the outside that prevents the intrusion of moisture and germs.

One of the main benefits of bench seating is the ability to save space. Our pieces are custom-made according to your needs and to your space. If you have limited space, we can provide you with great options to use your tight space in the best possible way.

If you can’t fit many chairs into your room, then our solid wood benches are the best option for you, as they will allow multiple people to sit. Depending on the design we can make a bench that can support two, three, or even four people.

Unlike chairs, benches are easy to clean & maintain. You can make your seating look new by wiping it with a washcloth and a laundry detergent.

For scratches and other major damages, you can check our furniture refinishing services, and learn how we can repair your bench and make it as good as new.

Wood is the most popular choice of material for benches. 1BENMU can offer you dozens of different styles to up-level the aesthetic of your room. Whether you prefer the classic wooden style, rustic, or a newer and more modern style. Our natural edge options are one-of-the-kind as you can find the same slab piece.

Choose the right material for your bench

We always use only high-grade materials when producing handmade benches and that is why our wooden benches are sturdy, durable and we guarantee them for a lifetime.

Choosing the right materials is something that will give you the result that meets all your needs, but it can be tricky and overwhelming to choose from.

Our bench makers will take care of it and will guide you through a rich selection of slabs, stains, styles etc.

In order to keep a sense of scale and balance of the room, you may want to take measurements and photos of any existing furniture in the room. This will help us to choose the right wood species and size.

Final thoughts on solid wood benches

While it may be quicker to buy a ready-made bench, there are many reasons why you should consider purchasing a solid wood bench. When you choosing your custom-made bench, you have almost unlimited choices. You can choose not just the wood, the shape or the size, but also the colour.

 As the wood bench specialists, we will help you to choose the right materials that suit your style and of course the budget.

Look no further, as we can provide you with the exact piece you are looking for. Check online some of the products that we can offer to you and if you have questions, please let us know.

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