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High Quality Delivery for High End Furniture

At 1BENMU we provide high end solid wood furniture to our customers across Canada & the US and we always put extra attention to the packaging, especially when we have to ship our products outside Toronto. 

Wood furniture, such as tabletops, are really heavy and need special care and hat is why we work with few transportation companies. Of course this is not enough. With our most popular destination being Vancouver, Montreal, New Work, Philadelphia and other Canadian & US cities, we create a special wood frame, so we can guarantee that all the furniture ordered from us will arrive in perfect condition. 

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Made to Measure Wood Frames & Secure Packaging

For every product made for outside Toronto, we will make a secure wood frame. 

This will help prevent any possible exterior force from harming the product, especially during deliveries across borders, such as to United States or cities that are far from Toronto, such as Vancouver.

Our made to measure secure packaging is made out of wood, specifically according to the product size, sealing this way completely the product inside. In addition to that we use cushioning and bubble wrap, preventing your design from scratching against the wooden box itself. 

First we have to make sure to protect the corners of the products with corner cushions before wrapping it with bubble wrap and taking the exact measurement of the product. Then we use these measurements to create secure packaging out of wood.

With the exterior being made of wood, it can handle impacts much better than cardboard box itself. 

Cardboard boxes may be enough in some case and may be able to prevent some scratches, but when transporting hardwood goods with a heavier weight, pure cardboard box packaging become insufficient for the job and it cannot prevent any bumps from appearing on the product. 

Try Our Secure Packaging Today!

Visit our online shop to see what we can offer you, or simply send us you wood furniture design. 
Once we have your requirements, we will let you know about all the details, including the shipping cost.