Order your Solid wood Tea Table in Toronto (多伦多实木家具)

1BENMU specializes in creating astonishing Asian inspired Furniture, such as tea tables and tea carts. In addition to our Chinese Tea Table (新中式家具), you can also check our traditional dining chair sets, which will be the perfect addition to your living or dining room.

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Kevin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ …..two pieces American Black Walnut wood to customize my dreaming tea table, 1BENMU is the place that not only designs the customized furniture but also creates the wood art pieces for your sweet home! Recommended!!




Traditional Chinese Tea Table & Custom Tea Carts

The finest tea tables are an integral part of the Asian culture, such as the Chinese Gong Fu (功夫茶) or Cha Dao (茶道) Ceremony.

“Cha Dao” is a Chinese tea ceremony to welcome guests. It is also a significant way to show respect in Chinese culture. Especially when it comes to wedding tradition, tea plays a significant part as is symbolizes loyalty, love and the expectation of a happy married life. Learn more about The Origin of Finger Tapping in Chinese Tea History.

“Kung Fu” tea ceremony, on the other hand, is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony, involving the ritual preparation and presentation of tea.

Our custom tea tables and tea carts are made of hardwood trees, such as walnut. While crafting the furniture we always take into consideration the wood imperfections to create an aesthetic quality of the piece.

As the wood used to make the furniture is so valuable for us, we only make custom tea carts and tea tables according to your needs. The traditional aesthetic of our Chinese tea tables/tea carts (新中式家具) is similar to the Japanese idea of beauty and culture.



Jin ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Since I saw 1BENMU, I have completely changed my understanding of furniture and subverted my views on traditional furniture. Furniture is not only a decoration but also a work of art. …




Traditional Tea Furniture 

The standard size of this Traditional Asian Style Tea Table in the pictures is:

20″ Length/Depth and 26″ Height (about the size of an average coffee table)

Upon your request, we can always customize it according to your needs. Please contact us for more information.

We built the piece entirely with black walnut with finger-joints for the joinery and there are also slots for the removable components.

Finger joints, also called box joints, is an alternative to dovetail joints. They are incredibly strong, sturdy and attractive, as they create a pleasing visual result. 



Modern Tea Furniture (新中式家具)

Modern apartments are smaller, so the available space is limited. 1BENMU can incorporate modern tea furniture in your design and give your apartment a luxurious look.

We can make your living space look appealing and comfortable by providing you with unique modern tea tables & tea furniture.

With our multifunctional and multi-purpose modern tea tables, you can use your space more efficiently and get more home organization. At the same time, you will have a space that looks appealing and comfortable.




Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery

Wood joinery is one of our specialties. We use many different joints based on the project and of course your needs.

Our skilled woodworkers are using a Fine woodworking Japanese Joinery techniques, which means that your traditional tea table will have unique details, and no screws, nails or brackets.

Traditional Japanese Joinery is essential for us to connect two wood pieces together while constructing or making our handcrafted furniture. It makes the piece of furniture stronger, more durable and of course will make a long-lasting result.

The first step to applying the joinery is to make precise cuts. To achieve the best result, we are using jig cutting tools to ensure multiple precision cuts and a fence to brace the material being cut. After we make the joinery, we will make sure that every piece fits correctly and then proceed to the final assembly of the wood tea table.



Order your Wood Tea Table in Toronto (多伦多)!

All our pieces are custom made and tailored to your needs. When it comes to handmade tea furniture, we always make sure that the users’ experience is just as flawless as the quality of the piece. We are producing all our Traditional tea tables (新中式家具) in our studio in Scarborough and offer FREE Delivery in Canada.

Order a Custom made Asian Inspired Tea Table | Black Walnut

Asian Tea TableThis Asian Style Tea Table will be made of 100% natural Solid Wood black walnut. The walls in the tray are designed to be removable to have more flexibility and functionality.

Size: 20″ Width, 20″ Depth and 26″ Height
Material: Black Walnut
Production time: 3-4 weeks

Order a Solid Wood Tea Cart | Natural Black Walnut Serving Table

Solid Wood Serving Tea CartThis wooden Tea Cart will be made of 100% black walnut hardwood. We always use traditional woodwork Joints that give unique details. Easy Assembling.

Size: 14″ Width, 30″ Depth and 35″ Height (30x75x89cm)
Material: Black Walnut
Production time: 3-4 weeks


During the production we will provide you with the photos, so you can track your order.

***Please note that each tea cart produced by us is custom made and is one of the kind. The images shown are just the example of the final product, so you will receive a similar tea table to the one that you can see. Since we custom makes each order, you can send us your requirements and we will make the piece according to your needs.


If you have questions about our products, please let us now. At 1BENMU we provide exceptional customer service we’d want to experience ourselves. Get in Touch and let’s talk about your dream custom wood tea table.


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