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Discover the uniqueness of solid wood dining benches. Get inspirational ideas for your dining room design that blends functionality with breathtaking aesthetics.


A custom solid wood dining bench made of Oak is an elegant way to upgrade the look of your dining room and create more seating in your home. White oak’s colour varies from light to medium brown and it is very durable, and has high rot resistance. Wood dining benches offer an efficient and elegant way to upgrade the look of your room, create more seating and hide dining room clutter.

Seating Capacity and Interaction: The most apparent advantage of bench seating is that you can accommodate more people as compared to chairs by using the same space.

Modern, Minimalistic and Less Cluttered Appearance: Replacing your chairs with a bench can give a modern look and at the same time reduce the number of furniture in your room, without affecting the seating capacity.

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Materials: 100% Solid White Oak & Custom Wood Legs 

Finish: Rubio Monocoat (Hardwax oil wood finish that is easy to maintain, and keeps the natural look and feel of the wood)

Thickness: 1.25″-1.5″

Tips for Taking Care of Oak Dining Bench

1) Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the oak surface.

2) Avoid any direct contact with the sun or heating sources, such as fireplaces.

3) Use Beeswax approximately every 6 months to renew, protect it from drying, cover scratches, give a nice healthy glow, improve colour and restore the natural beauty of the oak dining bench.

The images above showcase a custom furniture piece designed and produced by 1BENMU. This unique item has been discontinued and is no longer available for production. We may only produce it in rare circumstances, if needed as part of a larger millwork project, and will review each request on a case-by-case basis.