Custom Lazy Susan Turntable ✔️ 1BENMU


Discover the uniqueness of solid wood lazy susan turntables. Get inspirational ideas for your dining room design that blends functionality with breathtaking aesthetics.


The Lazy Susan turntable is cherished for its practicality and elegance, especially in family dining settings where it can accommodate 6-12 adults comfortably, depending on its size.

Distinguished from traditional round walnut dining tables with straight legs, this table boasts a unique hexagonal base that extends up to the center, enhancing the design without compromising seating space. This shape allows for equal division of seating, enabling a chair to be placed at either a side or a corner, ensuring everyone has a comfortable spot. Atop the table sits a wooden Lazy Susan, a rotating platform perfect for serving. This feature simplifies passing dishes around to diners, making it an effortless task to share a variety of cooked meals.

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Material: 100% Solid Black Walnut or White Oak

Finish: Rubio Monocoat (Hardwax oil wood finish that is easy to maintain, and keeps the natural look and feel of the wood)

Thickness: 1.5″-1.75″

Tips for Taking Care of Lazy Susan wood table

1) Use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe down the walnut or oak surface.

2) Always use coasters and never place hot food directly on the coffee table.

3) Avoid any direct contact with the sun or heating sources, such as fireplaces.

4) Use Beeswax approximately every 6 months to renew, protect it from drying, cover scratches, give a nice healthy glow, improve colour and restore the natural beauty of the round dining table.

The images above showcase custom furniture pieces produced by 1BENMU. These unique items have been discontinued and are no longer available for production and serve as sources for new ideas and inspiration along with our millwork services.