Designer Chair- Black Walnut


Designer Dining Chair made of 100% Black Walnut and Traditional Wood Joinery. Your low back chair will combine the Asian Tradition with the Modern Western Style and fit perfectly into your Dining Room.


    Dining Chair Size: 21.25″ L x 21.25″ W, 17″ Seat Height, 25.5″ Total Height
    Material: Black Walnut 
    Production time: 6-8 weeks
    Delivery: Free Local Pickup or $75 (Please contact us for delivery outside GTA)


    The traditional wood Joinery, with no screws or nails, makes the low back chair structure stable and durable and gives a unique detail.

    Traditional Chair Toronto


    Designer Dining Chair Production Process

    We always make sure that the users’ experience is just as flawless as the quality of the piece. During the production, we can also provide you with the photos upon request, so you can track your order.

    ***Please note: The images shown are just an example of the final product. Each walnut chair produced by us is custom made and is one of the kind.


    Walnut Chair Toronto

    Why choose us for your Walnut Dining Chair?

    1BENMU is a Canadian based Furniture & Design Studio and we’re always excited to create unique walnut chair designs.
    We use only high-grade materials when manufacturing our products.
    Our designer dining chairs are sturdy and durable and will last for a lifetime.

    If you have questions about our products, please let us now.
    At 1BENMU we provide exceptional customer service we’d want to experience ourselves.

    Get in Touch and let’s talk about your dream walnut chair.

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