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1BENMU specializes in designing and creating astonishing Asian Furniture to fit your Asian-inspired interior. We know exactly the characteristics and how to combine the furniture to fit your culture or style.

Asian furniture is known to be made out of solid hardwood such as walnut. During the production, we polished the wood, preserving the way the wood colour and bringing out the natural colour of the walnut.

In addition to that, oriental furniture is known to be narrower in its frame and structure, the handmade furniture is designed to be as light where possible. There is a minimum to no curvature in Asian style furniture, they are composed using mostly straight lines. 

Finally, Asian Furniture is well known for the minimum to no use of screws to hold the pieces together and it is common to have a complicated network of joints that can give elegance and unique detail. At 1BENMU, we use traditional wood joinery wherever we have the chance, even for non-Asian Furniture, such as table legs.

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Brief History of Chinese Furniture

The style of Chinese furniture developed back in 1000 BC; thus this style has a great influence in many surrounding countries and can be found but mildly adjusted according to each country.

Different elements of Chinese Furniture have influenced Western décor for centuries. On the other hand, the influence of western furniture transformed stools, chairs, tables, serving carts, and other Asian Furniture in general, so nowadays it is difficult to realize where they came from.

Despite the influence of western culture, it is still common to use the low platform as tables and sit on mats or use wood chairs with cushions, even in a western country such as Canada.


Our Chinese Furniture

Our custom Chinese Furniture is made out of hardwood trees, such as walnut. While crafting the furniture we always take into consideration the wood imperfections to create an aesthetic quality of the piece.

We built the piece entirely with black walnut and finger joints to make the piece incredibly strong, sturdy, and attractive, as they create a pleasing visual result. As a result, the furniture has as few screws as possible and shows off the true beauty of natural wood. The traditional aesthetic of our design is similar to the Asian idea of beauty and culture.


Modern Tea Furniture

Modern apartments are smaller, so the available space is limited. 1BENMU can incorporate modern tea furniture in your design and give your apartment a luxurious look.

We can make your living space look appealing and comfortable by providing you with unique modern tea room furniture.

With our multifunctional and multi-purpose modern Asian Furniture, you can use your space more efficiently and get more home organization. At the same time, you will have a space that looks appealing and comfortable.


Asian-inspired Traditional Chairs

1BENMU also specializes in designing Asian Style Chairs. Our Asian-inspired custom armchairs and chairs set have different elements from Chinese and Japanese culture and tradition.

If your goal is to create an Asian-inspired, balanced and harmonious interior, we are one phone call away. We can provide you with, a large variety of styles, and unique dining chairs that you can combine with a solid wood tea table made by us.


Tea Ceremonies around Asian Countries

Tea ceremonies are a well-known part of the Asian culture, with ceremonies such as the Chinese tea ceremony, Kong Fu Cha, the Japanese ceremony, Chado; and the Korean ceremony, Darye. These tea ceremonies all have a common goal, to show respect, and gratitude to their guest through the ritual preparation and presentation of tea.

Kong fu cha (功夫茶), Chado (茶道), and Darye (茶禮; 다례) are tea ceremonies performed to welcome guests. It is also a significant way to show respect in Asian culture. They all have a specific process when it comes to preparing tea to serve to their guest, some tea ritual is stricter than others.

For instance, in Japanese culture, the way of tea (茶道) is performed in a tatami room, with a maximum of 3 guests, there is no talking allowed, and all the guests including the host have to sit on their knees. Each session can last up to 4 hours. Chado is performed as a Zen meditation symbolizing Wa (harmony), Kei (respect), Sei (purity), and Jaku (elegance and tranquillity) (和敬清寂).


Chinese Tea Ceremony

The finest tea furniture is an integral part of the Asian culture, such as the Chinese Gong Fu (功夫茶) or Cha Dao (茶道) Ceremony.

The Chinese tea ceremony is performed during the wedding, the newlyweds will offer tea to both their parents in turns. “Cha Dao” is a Chinese tea ceremony to welcome guests. It is also a significant way to show respect in Chinese culture.

Especially when it comes to wedding tradition, tea plays a significant part as it symbolizes loyalty, love, and the expectation of a happy married life. Learn more about The Origin of Finger Tapping in Chinese Tea History.

“Kung Fu” tea ceremony, on the other hand, is a kind of Chinese tea ceremony, involving the ritual preparation and presentation of tea.


Japanese Tea Room Furniture

In Japanese tea ceremony culture, Chado (茶道), is performed in a specific tatami room called “tea room” which is located in a standalone building called “tea house”, Chashitsu. Chashitsu is normally built in a garden with beautiful scenery and it is solely to perform tea ceremonies and to train to perform a tea ceremony. The standard size of each tea room is 8 square meters.

The interior of the tea house is consisting of natural colours such as brown or green with minimum furniture and decorations. It will only have one hanging scroll within the tea room and in the alcove of the tea room (tokonoma; 床の間) along with a piece of flower arrangement, Ikebana (生け花). To allow natural light into the room, all doors and windows are traditional shojis, they are made out of wooden lattice with translucent paper that allows natural light to pass through into the room instead of harsh sunlight.

The whole tea house is made with minimum colour variety, using wood and bamboo as the main material. The joints are flush, you can’t see a simple screw or metal being used to build the tea house.


Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery

Wood joinery is one of our specialties. We use many different joints based on the project and of course your needs.

Our skilled woodworkers are using Fine woodworking Japanese Joinery techniques, which means that your traditional Asian Furniture will have unique details, and no screws, nails, or brackets.

Traditional Japanese Joinery is essential for us to connect two wood pieces while constructing or making our handcrafted furniture. It makes the piece of furniture stronger, and more durable and of course will make a long-lasting result.

The first step to applying the joinery is to make precise cuts. To achieve the best result, we are using jig-cutting tools to ensure multiple precision cuts and a fence to brace the material being cut. After we make the joinery, we will make sure that every piece fits correctly and then proceed to the final assembly of the wood tea table.


Order your Custom Asian & Chinese Furniture in Toronto!

All our custom furniture (家具) are custom-made and tailored to your needs. When it comes to handmade tea furniture, we always make sure that the users’ experience is just as flawless as the quality of the piece. We are producing all our Traditional tea tables (新中式家具) in our studio in Scarborough.

If you have questions about our products, please let us know. At 1BENMU we provide exceptional customer service we’d want to experience ourselves. Get in Touch and let’s talk about your dream custom wood tea table.

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