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Millwork Toronto

If you’ve been in a construction site or renovated your house, you probably have heard about the term “Millwork” often. If not, that’s okay, we will explain what “Millwork” is and how we can help you built the house of your dream.

Architectural Millwork at 1BENMU

Wood is not only an important material used in space architecture but also a timeless interior styling element. The use of wood in interior design can act positively on your home design and creates a sense of comfort, warmth, and harmony.

Our advantage is that we don’t rely on ready-made products when it comes to interior decoration. Depending on your needs, the wooden elements and the furniture will be custom-made to fit your space.

The project below is the perfect example of how the right use of wood can really bring the entire room together.

If you are looking for simple and elegant interiors with wood, take a look for more ideas and get inspired! We will also make sure to offer you just the right table for your dining room and the right bench for your entrance hall.

Millwork is undoubtedly the best option if you want to add personal touches to your home making it unique, elegant, and stand out from the crowd. Though millwork usually comes with a higher price tag. However, the custom woodwork, custom details can really deliver personal warmth to space. You can also talk to the professional of your preferred materials, colours, styles, and more, making it truly one-of-the-kind.

The term millwork is specifically referring to all the building elements made from wood. Building elements such as wooden feature & Accent Walls, slatwall panels, stair pairs, cabinetry, and more.

Back in 1880 to 1910, every house was made from wood, in order to further decorate their house, they began to use millwork to create details on building elements. Thus, it was the rise of millwork during the time, the “Golden Age” of the woodwork at a mill.

Today, millwork is widely known and it also expands to materials other than wood to produce building elements. Woodwork at a mill refers to a product, stuff and any woodwork that has been produced in a mill.

Millwork is often used to produce decorative parts such as molding, base trim, flooring, wall paneling, door frame, window casting, and many more. These decorative parts are all cut and created from raw lumber in a sawmill.

Millwork today can also be seen other than decorative items, they can also be seen in cabinets shelving and custom storages.

Woodwork at a mill is made-to-order and made with the given specification and details, it will be exactly what you get in return. It is on the expensive side because it is unique and not mass produce and it is the best way to showcase your uniqueness.

Many are confused between Millwork and Casework, in carpentry, they used both methods closely together, some areas needed millwork, and while others many needed casework instead. So what are the differences between them and how to tell them apart to prevent further confusion?

Millwork uses a systematic and creative mindset. It requires working with their clients’ one on one, creating unique pieces to be for the space given. Each piece is custom design to fit into the assigned space. It involves close communication between the company and its client, they will need to discuss every single detail and work together constantly.

The finished products are built into space, they are products such as kitchen shelving, counter-top, islands, and it also includes door panels, trims, and moldings. They are all custom designs to fit into the space given.

The cost of customization for specific spaces may become expensive, however, the finished product will last a lifetime. It is a great choice for homeowners who want to invest in their house and know they will be staying there for a long time. Millwork helps your house to stand out from the crowd.

Casework, simply put it, it is described as box-shaped woodwork, factory-made, and ready-made. It is also moveable compared to millwork which is built into space. Instead of working with provided space dimensions, casework works with the dimension of the product itself.

Casework, boxed furniture, has very limited to no space for any type of design customizations. They are usually partially or completely assembled cabinetry or any boxed furniture that can be purchased easily anywhere such as racks, drawers, bookcases, and storage spaces. They are relatively cheap compared to millwork due to mass-production instead of custom fit. When it is ready-made, it requires little to no professional assistance. Thus, for the cheaper pricing.

Popular Millwork Ideas

Without paying much attention to it, Millwork is everywhere. When you go to a museum, have you ever been amazed by the detail of the ceiling, trim, and or built-in cabinets? These are all custom woodwork specifically for the given space. Each custom millwork has its beauty and not to mention its quality and durability are high as well, providing you a long-lasting appearance.

Now the question is, where to use millwork? Millwork can be literally anything, where should you start? These are some of the popular ideas people use for their millwork remodeling projects.

Wooden Feature walls, is also called accent walls. Think outside the box and consider to make a wood wall.

Wood is a perfect accent wall material because it instantly warms up any space and adds depth, texture and most important, an accent to your room. At 1BENMU we can use thin Wooden slats wall and install them vertically, so it can be used as both room partition and a light-infused. We can add this way a natural cleanliness and natural shades of wood and give the atmosphere of the house the calm that wood can provide.

You can choose from panelled real wood, reclaimed, log pile, pallets or laminates for your wooden feature wall.

Banisters and Stairs are no doubt of the most popular millwork project out there. Many may not notice, but banisters and stairs are a form of millwork. Custom millwork for banisters and stairs definitely brings out the uniqueness of your space. They are flexible as well, you don’t have to make a regular straight staircase to reach the next floor, and there are many other options such as straight stairs with a central landing, L-Shaped stairs, U-Shaped stairs, Winder Stairs, Spiral Stairs, and many more. They are no doubt, one of the key elements in your space.

Many homeowners like to have custom millwork projects for their kitchen. The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in a house. Most people spend their time here. Since it is one of the most traffic rooms, let alone to store all the food and products, this room should be built to last a long time with durable and long-lasting materials.

Millwork is perfect for this room because they can tailor to your needs on how big the cabinet should be if there should be a kitchen island, as well as where your refrigerator should be, your oven, microwave, stove. These appliances are not meant to be move constantly nor can they be moved easily. Thus, it is best to have millwork in the kitchen, working with all the appliances, considering its size and space it will take, to create a one and only kitchen.

Some people tend to mistake millwork built-in shelving compared to those ones ready-made, sold in furniture stores. Millwork built-in shelving can work with any size of the space given, from wide to narrow, long to short. The built-in shelving, as the name suggests, will be built into the space given. You won’t need to worry about whether the colour doesn’t match, didn’t find the right colour or it is too wide or narrow for the given space. Everything is tailor to your needs through millwork.

Millwork Projects Wood Materials

Millwork products can come in various types of hardwoods or softwoods and it depends on the project and of course, your needs.

It can come from woods, such as Black Walnut, Pine, Oak, Hard & Wormy Maple, White Ash, Veneer Particleboard, Laminate, Melamine etc.

Millwork works best with high-density wood such as solid wood, but millwork products can come from some wood by-products as well, such as Medium-Density fibreboard (MDF).

MDF’s density is high enough to go through the millwork process. Other wood products such as compressed wood, even when they are cheaper, are not an option nor can it be used for millwork because their density is very low, they are not strong enough to go through the millwork process. Only solid wood, either hardwood or softwood, can be for millwork.

When choosing what type of wood to use for your millwork, it is best to start off comparing hardwood and softwood.

Hardwood or Softwood?

Hardwood comes from angiosperm trees that produce flowers, flowering plants, and have broad leaves. Their growth rate is slower than softwood due to its complex structure. Most hardwood species are deciduous where they shed their leaves in response to seasons. However, in tropics and subtropics, they are mostly evergreen.

Softwood comes from gymnosperm trees, they usually produce needles and cones. As the name suggested, softwood is usually softer than hardwood, however, both hardwood and softwood consist of a large range of wood hardness and densities. Softwoods are not always softer than hardwood, for example, balsa (a hardwood) are softer than most softwoods. But the hardest hardwoods are much harder than the hardest softwood.

Which wood to choose?

Each hardwood and softwood have their own characteristics, their ability to perform, the area they exceed in, and not to mention each individual unique colour and patterns. To give an example, Oak is one of the most popular and widely known hardwood, the wood contains many biomolecules called tannins, makes it resistant to insects and fungus.

Another good and popular hardwood is maple, it has a lighter white colour, it is a really durable material for millwork. As for softwood, it is important to choose a wood that is hard and durable enough for millwork.

So which one to choose? Hardwood or Softwood? Generally, hardwood is better at resisting damage over time, making them durable for a lifetime. Hardwoods often cost more than softwood. Meanwhile, softwoods are more preferable for installation, they are easier to bend, cut, and shape, which makes it ideal.

Why Choose 1BENMU for you Millwork Project?

Millwork is good for homeowners who are looking to stay in their home for years to come, looking to put in a lot of time and energy into remodeling their home, making a long-term investment. Though the price point may be high, the quality is definitely high enough to last a lifetime.

There are many possibilities and choices for millwork. Consider your budget first then consider the strength and flexibility of the chosen wood, what do you want the millwork to do for you and your chosen space. Come in today for a consultation with the space dimensions, we will work to discuss every detail based on your wants and your needs to create a unique and one-of-a-kind. We will also ensure you chose the best wood for your millwork project.

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