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Custom Millwork Toronto

 If you’ve been to a construction site or renovated your house, you probably have heard about the term “Custom Millwork” often. If not, that’s okay, we will explain what “Millwork” is and how we can help you built the house of your dream.

Popular Millwork Ideas

Without paying much attention to it, Millwork is everywhere. When you go to a museum, have you ever been amazed by the detail of the ceiling, trim, and or built-in cabinets? These are all custom woodwork specifically for the given space. Each custom millwork has its beauty and not to mention its quality and durability are high as well, providing you a long-lasting appearance.

Our Featured Products

Wooden Feature & Accent Walls

Wooden Feature walls are also called accent walls. Think outside the box and consider making a wood wall

Wood is a perfect accent wall material because it instantly warms up any space and adds depth, texture and most importantly, an accent to your room. You can choose from panelled real wood, reclaimed, log pile, pallets or laminates for your wooden feature wall.

Built-in Shelving

Some people tend to mistake millwork built-in shelving compared to those ones ready-made, sold in furniture stores. Millwork built-in shelving can work with any size of the space given, from wide to narrow, long to short. The built-in shelving, as the name suggests, will be built into the space given. You won’t need to worry about whether the colour doesn’t match, didn’t find the right colour or it is too wide or narrow for the given space. Everything is tailor to your needs through millwork, even if it is a wood wine cellar.

Wood Railings, Handrails & Banisters

Banisters and Stairs are no doubt the most popular millwork project out there. Many may not notice, but banisters and stairs are a form of millwork. Custom millwork for stairs definitely brings out the uniqueness of your space. They are flexible as well, you don’t have to make a regular straight staircase to reach the next floor, and there are many other options such as straight stairs with a central landing, L-Shaped stairs, U-Shaped stairs, Winder Stairs, Spiral Stairs, and many more. They are no doubt, one of the key elements in your space.

A Millwork project allows you to let your creativity flow, let your ideas and dreams come true. You will have full control on what you want your space to look like, what it should have and include instead of buying a pre-existing product and “make-it-work. Since each millwork project is unique, you will be able to create your very own space that is tailored specifically to you, and no one else. Making space feel more “you”, making the space yours.

Working with 1BENMU, using solid hardwood as your main materials for the millwork projects not only it will bring the sense of naturalness into space, but with the natural wood grain and colour, it will raise the elegance, sense of comfort greatly if that’s what you are looking for. Solid hardwood not only appeals nicely to our eyes, but it is also very durable and sturdy. Using solid hardwood as your main materials will ensure your millwork project last a lifetime.

At 1BENMU, we specialize in solid woodworking. Our project will be made majority in solid hardwood such as Maple, Oak, Walnut, and many more. Each wood type and wood pieces are unique. They each have their own colour, some are darker while some are lighter, each grain pattern will be different too. We will ensure the chosen material; each wood slab will match each other and work perfectly with each other as well.

Each different type of wood comes at different prices too. For example, our most popular and most requested wood is Solid Walnut, they acquire a beautiful darker wooden colour, providing an elegant sense of appeal. It is the priciest wood we provide but the solid walnut wood also has higher than normal durability, they are very sturdy compare to most other wood. Thus, making it our most popular wood.

If the dark colour walnut wood is not what you are looking for, we also provide Solid Oak and Solid Maple. These acquire a beautiful, light wood colour, perfect for your space if you want to keep the space bright, or if your space is majority dark colours, this type of wood will be the perfect wood to make an accent.

Other than the wood types, we also provide wood stains, lacquer, epoxy resins. The possible combinations are limitless. If you have a specific colour you want in mind that’s not a natural wood colour, we offer a range of different colour stains for you to choose from too. This will help transform the wood piece to make the piece stand out in the room or to match the existing colours in the space.


Depending on the project, our specialist will provide suggestions and ideas on any possible design options for you and working together with you to achieve your dream millwork project.

Millwork is good for homeowners who are looking to stay in their home for years to come, looking to put in a lot of time and energy into remodelling their home, making a long-term investment. Though the price point may be high, the quality is definitely high enough to last a lifetime. 

There are many possibilities and choices for millwork. Consider your budget first then consider the strength and flexibility of the chosen wood, what do you want the millwork to do for you and your chosen space. Come in today for a consultation with the space dimensions, we will work to discuss every detail based on your wants and your needs to create a unique and one-of-a-kind.

Are you ready to transform your space, making it personal and tailored to you? Contact us now and we will provide you with the information needed. Our specialist will be happy to help you. Let’s achieve your dream Millwork project together, making a space that is specifically for you.