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Creating your own wood bar top isn’t something that most people would consider.

By having a custom piece designed just for you will allow you to express your style and have the functionality you are looking for.

Bar Top is the top surface of a bar and it is mostly used to serve drinks.

It can be seen commonly in a bar, restaurant, and many entertainment spaces. Of course, many of our clients, prefer to have their own bar at home, a personal bar.

A bar top can locate anywhere in the space depending on the homeowner.

They are more commonly known to be seen within the house in the basement, living room, or near the kitchen.

Some homeowner doesn’t necessarily only use this bar top to serve drinks but also serve as a low wall or miscellaneous space by the entryway.

Live Edge Bar Top made of Walnut

Our Walnut Bar Tops are made out of 100% Canadian hardwood, such as walnut, oak or maple.

Black Walnut Is our most popular choice, as it has high durability and high resistance to rot.

It is one of the most suitable wood for a surface top such as a tabletop or countertop, where a lot of the action will be taking place.

When it comes to live edge bar top, we keep the shape of the natural wood to bring its natural beauty.

Each live edge bar top is made out of one single wooden slab, each wooden slab is unique in its own way from their natural edge to its unique pattern.

Since each wooden slab edge and pattern are unique, each wooden bar top is one of the kinds and you won’t be able to find another one anywhere.

You can come in and handpick the wooden slab yourself to be made into a bar top.

The size and dimension vary depending on the chosen walnut slab, some may want wide but short, while some may want skinny but long, this can all be altered according to your own preference.

Why choose us for your Wood Bar Top?

We always make sure that the users’ experience is just as flawless as the quality of the piece. 

Choose your material from wood type to finish and combine different styles or create your own piece.

If you have the spark of an idea in your mind, our skilled solid wood furniture makers can help it grow into a finished item and turn your dream piece into reality.

We can also determine what exactly you want to accomplish and list the challenges, concerns and problems that you want to solve.

By knowing your personal style, we will determine easily the best way to express it.

Can’t find the right live edge bar top to decorate your home? Don’t worry, we will design & make one just for you in our shop in Toronto.

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