To make a great interior space styling you need to explore, plan and combine your vision to life with your personality and style. It’s not as easy as it looks and unfortunately it is almost impossible to achieve an incredible interior design by chance.

1BENMU and our home interior design partners are specialized in creating residential and commercial spaces that are correctly balanced and proportioned. We offer a full suite of interior design services and will take your wants and needs and put them together in a plan.

The best part is that the Canadian interior designers we are working with have access to exclusive discounts and unique furniture designed by 1BENMU that are not available to everyone. This way they can offer you unique pieces at the most competitive market prices.

Wood Interior design 

Wood is not only an important material used in space architecture but also a timeless interior styling element. The use of wood in interior design can act positively to your home design and creates a sense of comfort, warmth and harmony.
Our advantage is that we don’t rely only on ready-made products when it comes to interior decoration. 
Depending on your needs, the wooden elements will be made to fit your space and not the other way around. 
The project below is the perfect example of how the right use of wood can really bring the entire room together. To achieve that we worked together with with Dorothy & Kevin from Bobeche Interiors in Markham
If you are looking for simple and elegant interiors with wood, take a look for more ideas and get inspired! 
We will make sure to offer you just the right table for your dining room and the right bench for your entrance hall. 

Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer

Whether you are moving to a new home or consider starting a major renovation in your store, you might be concerned about the process or the costs of working with a designer. In that case, there are many reasons why hiring an interior designer is the right move to make.

Good designers will end up saving you money, as they know exactly where to find and how to choose the right high-quality elements. Their conceptual vision and experience will help you to avoid costly mistakes. They also know exactly where to spend and where to cut back, smartly, to save you money.

Our Designers also have access to quality furniture. At 1BENMU we use quality materials and all the furniture made by us stands the test of time, reducing this way the need to replace it after only a few years.

Finally, another main benefit is that interior designers will save you a LOT of time, and time is money, right? Designing and decorating your home or business, especially if it is your first time, could potentially be super hard, stressful and time-consuming. Our designers will plan the space, find the right pieces, place the orders and will handle the returns if needed, making the whole experience incredibly fun, easy and creative.

Residential Interior Design Projects

Everyone deserves to live in an incredible and comfortable space. So, what makes a home amazing? It is the interior decoration & design. Our residential interior design services deal with the planning and designing of residential spaces, including kitchen, living room, furniture, and bathroom interior design. The goal is to transform a space and create a personalized residential space that the homeowner is satisfied with.

Commercial Interior Design Projects

The commercial interior design, on the other hand, deals with the planning and designing of business or commercial spaces, such as restaurants, dressmaking boutiques, dance studios, sports facilities etc.

When our partners designing commercials spaces, the main aim is to create an overall image that will represent the business brand and will guarantee a return on investment. That is why it is really important to take into consideration the functionality of the space and combine it with the latest design trends that will attract customers.

Meet Catherine Xu and Artwell Design Studio

Artwell Design Studio is located in Toronto and is one of our major partners for both residential and commercial projects. As professional Interior designers with dozens of projects in their portfolio, they know exactly how to bring to life an artistic vision for work and living spaces and to meet their clients’ needs and preferences.

Catherine Xu and her team will bring you creativity, imagination, an extreme eye for design, the ability to visualize concepts and of course, the result that is practical for its purpose and visually pleasing.

The first step to designing the right space is to assess the need. Catherine will examine the space and understand the client’s preferences and budget constraints. After that, she will plan the design of the living and commercial environments including all the specifications, such as furniture, flooring, lighting etc. and present the timeline of the project. Finally, she will oversee the project to make sure that the implementation of the design is going according to the timeline and costs are kept within budget.

Ready to Start Your Interior Design Project?

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