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Wood Interior design at 1BENMU

Wood is not only an important material used in space architecture but also a timeless interior styling element. 1BENMU and our interior design partners are specialized in creating residential and commercial spaces that are correctly balanced and proportioned.
In addition to our woodwork machined at a mill, we will also make sure to offer you just the right table for your dining room and the right bench for your entrance hall

Residential Interior Design Projects

Commercial Interior Design Projects

Meet Catherine Xu and Artwell Design Studio

Artwell Design Studio is located in Toronto and is one of our major partners for both residential and commercial projects. As professional Interior designers with dozens of projects in their portfolio, they know exactly how to bring to life an artistic vision for work and living spaces and to meet their clients’ needs and preferences.

Catherine Xu and her team will bring you creativity, imagination, an extreme eye for design, the ability to visualize concepts and of course, the result that is practical for its purpose and visually pleasing.

The first step to designing the right space is to assess the need. Catherine will examine the space and understand the client’s preferences and budget constraints. After that, she will plan the design of the living and commercial environments including all the specifications, such as furniture, flooring, lighting etc. and present the timeline of the project. Finally, she will oversee the project to make sure that the implementation of the design is going according to the timeline and costs are kept within budget.

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