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If you need High-Quality furniture refinishing for your tabletop, you are in the best place. As the natural edge experts in Toronto, we ONLY repair flat wooden surfaces. 


If you are experiencing minor damages, you can contact us and we will advise you on how to take care of the surface, free of charge.

Depending on the damage, repairing your existing table or counter is much easier and less expensive than going buy a new one. At 1BENMU we always make sure that the experience is just as flawless as the quality of our refinishing services. 

By contacting us, you can renovate your house with your existing furniture. We can restore and refinish almost all kinds of solid wood surfaces that you may have in your dining-living room, bedroom or kitchen, including live-edge & epoxy dining tables or another wooden surface. 

1BENMU- Furniture & Design Studio can offer you endless options, whether you want to order new handcrafted dining pieces or repair your older ones.

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Surface Refinishing Process

  1. Send us an email, including a few photos of the part you want to fix and a brief description. The more information we have, the better the result will be.
  2. We will evaluate the damage and will let you know whether a repair is possible, the estimated time and the cost of repairing.
  3. After we finalize the timeline and the total cost, we will schedule an appointment so you can bring your damaged piece to our store located in Scarborough. We can also arrange delivery from your place at an extra charge.
  4. Our experienced woodworkers will start to regenerate the beauty and value of your worn or damaged top.
  5. Once the furniture is as good as new, we will let you know so you can come and pick it up or have it delivered.

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Common Surface Damages that you may face

Throughout its lifetime, the counter surface comes in contact with a variety of objects that damaging the finish. Therefore if you have a top made of wood at your home, chances are that they already have at least a couple of nicks, scratches, dents, chips or breakage, not to mention general wear-and-tear. Although such damages will most often are made by accident, it will reduce the total appearance of your house.

Wood is a classic material when it comes to furniture. Although it is very durable, its surface is vulnerable and unfortunately, almost all wooden furniture owners experience damages.

Most damages can be fixed without harming your piece by our professional furniture refinishing experts. There are many factors that can cause these damages, such as:

White spots are one of the more common problems for wooden surface finishes. When the finish is not applied properly or is damaged the liquid spills penetrating through the wood. They can also be caused by placing hot or moist items on the table. Colour fading, on the other hand, is caused by too much sun or other heat source exposure.

Over time, tables that get a lot of use starts to show wear. Sharp materials can cause scratches and marks in wood that will make a table look junky. Especially if you invested in a single slab table, it is totally worth to repair it.

Knots are natural damage and caused due to imperfections of the wood. Holes on the other side are caused by old screws, nails, termites, or other sharp objects.

Cracks are made of natural expansion or when the counter is misused. If it improperly cares then chances are that it has cracks. These types of damages are usually caused by force, so you will need an expert solution.

Check also some tips for easy maintenance and repair of all your surfaces, by the expert Bruce Johnson.

On some occasions, especially when it comes to wooden legs of the table, we can restore the piece by replacing the damaged ones with new wooden legs that will match exactly with your tabletop, and will make it look even better. Some restrictions can be the shape and the age of the piece and this is something that we can advise you by seeing the pictures of the broken piece.

Refinishing your Epoxy Table in Scarborough

If you have a tabletop made of epoxy resin that needs to be repaired or refinished, then 1BENMU can also offer you a much cheaper solution than replacing the whole table with a new one. We will address your refinishing needs from start to finish by using the highest quality finishing products.

During the process, we will resurface the whole flat top to clean it from the residues, such as oil or wax and then will sand the top to feather edge any scratches to prepare it for the new finish. Finally, we will refinish it and give it a new shiny look.

We use only high-end products when finishing the top, to make them durable and long-lasting into the future. Our products will leave a clear hard coating to help protect your surface from future damage.

Final Thoughts on Refinishing

Saying all that, you have to keep in mind that not every piece of furniture can be repaired. Please contact us first, so we can discuss whether we can repair your surface or not.

In general, there are many different factors that can have an impact. Some of them might be the way the materials, the damage type etc. Another factor is the age of the piece. If it is too old, you will have to consult a restoration expert that specializes in antiques.

Finally, if your piece of furniture is too damaged, it might be a good idea to order a new one. A new countertop made of wood will give your kitchen a fresh look.

Refinish Your Furniture in Toronto

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