Below you can find some Frequently Asked Questions. If you need more information, please contact us.



How can I start? 

Book an appointment and visit our studio in Scarborough. We will do the rest and provide you with the best quality custom furniture.


What is the process of ordering handmade wood furniture? 

  1. Specification: The first stage is to determine the specifications of the furniture you require. 
  2. Ordering: After we finalize the design, the order goes into production status.
  3. Production: We will manufacture the furniture to your specifications.
  4. Delivery or Pick Up: You can choose to pick the furniture by yourself or we can deliver locally around the Toronto area. The starting price for delivery is $95+tax depending on the size of the product and the location of your house. The assembly in Toronto is FREE of charge.


Can I choose the materials?

Of course, we work with many different kinds of wood, we have a huge selection of slabs and around 40 different stains to choose from.


Where can I see your previous projects?

You can simply visit our portfolio page and choose the category you are interested in.


What is the price of custom furniture?

There is no just one fixed price. Custom pieces are costlier than commercial furniture due to high standards, effort, craftsmanship and quality. You can check our reviews and see what our customers saying about our prices.


How long it takes approximately to complete a live edge table top?

As all our furniture is custom-built, it takes approximately 4 to 6 weeks to complete a live edge table.


Do I need to maintain my custom dining table?

You should dry dust your live edge table top on a regular basis. You can use Microfiber cloth that allows them to clean the surface without scratching it. If you spill something on the surface, you should wipe it up immediately.


What is your approach to sustainability?

Wood is an important material for us and we are constantly trying to reduce our wastes at a minimum level. As a proud Ontario Wood member, we use tree species that are harvested from sustainably managed forests in Ontario.