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Wooden Dining Tables: Unique Look, Lasting Value

A wood table is the best investment and the perfect choice for your house or Cottage. Your custom wood table will be extremely durable and one-of-the-kind, as it can never be exactly replicated.

By looking at the wood tabletop you will be able to tell the age of the wood, whether you want to order a table with epoxy in between or a solid walnut table with live edges.

The beauty of the wood tables lies in the details and imperfections of the wood. 

Our experienced Furniture specialists in Toronto will use these natural markings, such as the knots and grains to create the perfect live edge table just for you.

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Why choose us for your Wood Table?

1BENMU- Furniture & Design Studio is specialized in crafting high-end wood tables for your home. 

We specialize in creating all kinds of custom tables and we design and handcraft elegant dining tables by using hardwood, such as Canadian walnut, red oak, white oak, or maple.

All our wooden tables are Canadian-made and are produced in our studio located in Scarborough.

We will help you with every step from designing to producing and will customize the table to the specifications you provide. We can also design the right wood chair set or dress the dining room with wood to complete your dining room interior design.

It will be a fun experience that you can choose the slab you like and design your table that fits your needs, lifestyle and of course budget.

1BENMU is the ultimate source for finding the perfect table for your kitchen or living room.

We can provide you with all kinds of wood tables from a table with epoxy to a long sofa stand and from a live edge to a straight edge walnut table.

All the custom tables are made in Toronto and come in various shapes, heights, sizes, and styles. 

Tables are built for your needs and here at 1BENMU, we make customers feel comfortable by being transparent about what materials to use, and where, when, and how the furniture is going to be made.

Ordering Process & Tips

Free consultation

Order your table online, send us your requirements or visit our store located in Scarborough.

Table Design & Production

We will discuss all the factors, such as the design, size, and materials of your dream table and will start the production.

Ready for Pick Up

It usually takes 4-6 weeks to finish a table. You will have the option to pick it up for we can deliver it to you.

The first thing to do when designing your handmade table is to decide the size and shape you’d like. It is still important to understand exactly what works best in your living space. That’s why you should measure the space of your room.

Although we have extensive experience in designing and creating custom wood tables, it’s always a good idea to do the research yourself and get an understanding of what you’re looking for.

Whether you are looking to order something relatively small, such as a console or end table or a rectangular-shaped dining table, take your time and see as many ideas as you can

It is also really helpful if, during our free consultation, you have an image that we can analyze and build a design that will fit your needs and requirements.

There are different styles that you can choose from and we can incorporate these styles into many different table types including office tables with epoxy in between or desks with epoxy outside.

Whatever style you choose to order, your wooden table will be exclusive and one-of-a-kind, as there are no same pieces of wood. For more table types and styles you can also check Home Stratosphere.


You can apply the natural edge style to boardroom tables, dining and coffee tables and even console tables. Finally, depending on the wood you choose, we can apply various shades of stain. 

Although all our live edge tables look like they have been encased in glass, you should always use coasters for hot food or drinks to prevent any damages.

Each custom tabletop has the actual natural shape of the tree, which means that the surface will be uneven. This unusual surface can be a challenge to clean and maintain.

To clean your natural edge table, you can use a microfiber cloth soaked in soap water or detergent to wipe the surface of the table. You can also use natural cleaning products, such as vinegar, which is naturally antibacterial and will remove the residuals of the irregular surface.

Microfiber cloths have a super-soft, absorbent surface that allows them to clean the tabletop without scratching it. Once cleaned, wipe with a dry cloth to remove any moisture left. If you spill something on the surface, you should wipe it up immediately.

Don’t forget to dry dust your live edge table top regularly to help keep it clean.

To prevent damages, the ideal humidity levels in your home must be around 45%-55%. A sudden change in temperature or humidity can cause tension inside the wood.

We recommend avoiding any direct contact with the sun, and of course, it should not be too close to a fireplace, as it will dry it out.

Finally, if your table has scratches on the surface and you just want to get rid of them, you can check our furniture restoration services.

The price of custom wood tables depending on many different factors. First of all, it depends on the material. Traditionally walnut is more expensive than ash and when it comes to river tables, the epoxy will increase the price significantly. 

As for the wood, each slab is sourced from a single tree and usually, it is not easy to find the exact size or the exact species. This is also one of the main reasons why it is impossible to mass-produce live-edge tables and why there is no fixed price. 

The second factor is the time and energy put into the live edge table. The natural edge tables will be custom-made to your specifications and wishes. Depending on the requirements you have, it can be a bit pricier. 

Finally, the whole process of production is done by hand in our studio in Toronto, Ontario.

In order to get a general idea, you can visit our online shop and see the price of each style, wood material and size.

1BENMU Custom Wood Table Guarantee

At 1BENMU- Furniture & Design Studio, we take pride in working with only quality materials and food-safe finishes.

All of our natural edge tables and coffee tables are built to last a lifetime. We only use high-quality stains, so you don’t need to worry about how to keep the natural look.

We are testing all our wood pieces moisture content prior to any build, which is important because moisture in wood could cause the wood to shrink or expand. Our high standard testing ensures there is little moisture in the wood before your solid wood table is complete and ready to use.

If you follow the care tips we provided, your wood table will remain in perfect condition for many years.

If your piece manufactured by us has any kind of manufacturing issue, we will be more than happy to offer you a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and fix it free of charge.

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