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Craftsmanship Beyond Wood

1BENMU Advantages: From Concept to Completion

From the initial consultation to project completion, we work closely with interior designers, contractors or individual clients to understand your vision and exceed your expectations.

Design Consultation

Our experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your vision is brought to life.

Project Management

Ease your mind while our experts oversee & manage every aspect of your renovation project.

In-House Expertise

Simplify the design-to-fabrication process with our in-house drawing and fabrication services.

Tech-Driven Precision

We leverage advance techniques, CNC machinery & engineering software to produce our products.

Integrating Millwork with Upholstery Excellence

At 1BENMU, we believe in the harmony of design and by integrating our top-notch millwork with bespoke upholstery, we provide our clients with a coherent and unified look, ensuring every aspect of a project sings in harmony.

Integrated Design: Our deep understanding of structure and finish ensures that every aspect of your space, from woodwork to upholstery, blends perfectly. Our woodcraft expertise means attention to the finest detail, even in fabric stitches.

Unmatched Craftsmanship: 1BENMU prides itself on precision and dedication. Our craftsmen, experts in wood, approach upholstery with the same passion. 

Seamless Material Harmony: We choose upholstery materials that don’t just look great but are durable and blend seamlessly with wooden elements.

Efficient Process & Clear Communication: Our all-in-one approach means less coordination for you, clear communication, and a beautifully cohesive end product delivered efficiently.

Upholstery in Commercial Spaces

When setting up a place for your business, like an office, studio or store, you want it to look nice and be functional. This is where 1BENMU’s expertise in using wood and upholstery together really shines. 

Our wood designs can change any space, making it stand out and when combined with the right fabric or leather, the place feels welcoming and looks great. It’s what 1BENMU does best, combining the beauty of wood with the comfort of upholstery.

Millwork upholstery serves this purpose beautifully, blending craftsmanship with comfort and adding a touch of elegance and permanence, demonstrating the company’s commitment to quality. Paired with the right upholstery, the space becomes inviting, ensuring that clients and employees alike feel valued and comfortable. Thus, integrating millwork upholstery isn’t just about design, it’s a strategic move that enhances brand identity and overall experience.

Upholstery in Residential Spaces

Incorporating upholstery into your millwork projects can bring a touch of comfort, luxury, and personalization to your home. It’s a trend that redefines the way homeowners view wood-centric spaces, transforming them from just visually appealing to also tactilely enticing.

Upholstery goes beyond just adding cushions to wooden benches or seats. It can range from padded wooden wall panels that add a touch of warmth and soundproofing to upholstered insets in cabinet doors, offering a tactile dimension to an otherwise flat surface. 

While wood offers strength and rigidity, upholstery introduces flexibility and softness, creating a balanced design that is both functional and visually appealing. When done right, the combination of these two crafts can elevate a residential space, proving that millwork projects can greatly benefit from the added dimension of upholstery services.

Premium Millwork Upholstery Services

When it comes to modern interior design, 1BENMU is one of the top design-driven and high-quality millwork experts in Toronto and the GTA.

Our designers and contractors are changing the way people think about interior space design and by leveraging upholstery aesthetic appeal to our millwork projects, we transform residential and commercial spaces into something unique.

Choosing 1BENMU means opting for a blend of tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and design, aesthetics and function. Let our millwork upholstery services transform your space with the elegance and expertise only 1BENMU can offer.