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When it comes to custom furniture in Quebec, there’s no one better than 1BENMU- Custom Furniture Store. Our team of skilled craftsmen have an eye for detail and specialize in designing unique, handcrafted pieces that will last for years to come.

We only use the highest quality materials, like solid wood and superior craftsmanship, to guarantee that your furniture will fit your specific needs.

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There are many reasons as to why you should buy custom furniture as opposed to buying already massed produced furnishing. Here we will go over some of the top reasons as to why you should invest in custom manufactured pieces.

Durability and Strength: As an example, if you take a solid wood table and place this piece of furniture on one side of the room and then put a ready-made office desk, which is going to last longer? Most of the time, it would be a custom-made piece that would last much longer because it will be made of solid wood and high-quality materials.

Style: Customized pieces offer a level of identity. At 1BENMU you can design almost anything you want when it comes to customized solid wood furniture. You can even have an entire house designed around your needs, with our millwork services in Quebec City! All it takes is a little conversation with our designers for you to get started

Variety of Materials: Not only can customized furniture be designed but it can also be created out of various different material. Many times when people buy their furniture at a generic furniture store they are stuck with the limited options available. If you make your own pieces, however, you have much more flexibility available to you since you can choose whatever material you want or need that’s best suited for your needs.

Solid wood is a traditional material that has been used for centuries. In addition to being beautiful, it can be environmentally friendly because of its natural properties and ability to easily renew itself.

There are many reasons why people prefer furniture made from solid wood:

– Natural beauty and high quality – Over time, as the color fades and the wood becomes more weathered it adds character to furniture; this can make your house look more attractive or cozy. Solid woods such as oak or maple tend to have a uniform appearance without any blemishes. This characteristic appeals particularly to those who like polished decor as well as durability and strength.

– Ease of repair and replacement – Solid wood furniture cracks more easily than synthetic materials but this factor makes them easier to fix. Since solid wood furniture is sturdier, its pieces can be reused after they become outdated or worn out.

– Available in a wide range of styles and finishes – From traditional to modern, solid wood furniture is designed for almost any taste. You can choose between different types of wood such as walnut, oak, maple that can be painted or stained to match your style and preferences.

The cost of the furniture depends on the material you choose and the design you have in mind.

Walnut Table $1,720 – $5,800
Live Edge Table $1,680 – $4,945
Epoxy Table $3,564 – $6,458
Walnut Console Table $810 – $1,427
Walnut Benches $810 – $1,428
Wood Desks $1,450 – $2,588
Wood Vanities $1,160 – $2,484
Starting from $65/sf

It is our job as woodworkers, designers, and makers to make the customers realize the time aspect of how long the tree takes to grow. When we think about the table that we use or the chair that we sit on, we have to think about the years that it takes for this tree to mature. That is a beauty and also the value in the wood itself that we need to understand and cherish.

Please feel free to contact us to meet the craftsmen behind the 1BENMU Furniture Store and to learn more about how our furniture specialists will help you with your furniture searching.

Absolutely! Most of our designers are available for an online consultations during studio hours. Please give us a call at (647) 348-8733 regarding availability and book your consultation with one of our design team members. 

Our furniture store is located at 1710 Midland Ave Unit 7, Scarborough, Ontario M1P3C7, Canada and our studio hours are: 10 am – 6 pm Monday through Friday.

We offer delivery services across Quebec City for all of our solid wood furniture. The delivery cost depends on the size of the product and the location of your house in Quebec City.

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