1BENMU ✔️ Custom Uniboard Melamine Cabinets

We Strive for Excellence in Every Project We Undertake

At 1BENMU, we believe in offering our clients value without compromising on the quality and aesthetics of our designs. For this reason, we often incorporate Uniboard’s melamine products into our cabinet projects. As a leading North American manufacturer of engineered wood products, Uniboard is synonymous with durability, versatility, and cost-effectiveness.

Custom Uniboard Melamine Cabinets

About Uniboard Melamine Surfaces

Why We Choose Uniboard For Our Custom Cabinets

Uniboard’s melamine products are a mainstay in many of our cabinet projects. Their versatility and affordability, coupled with their aesthetic appeal, make them an ideal choice for clients seeking stylish yet cost-effective cabinet solutions.

  1. Affordability: Uniboard’s melamine products are budget-friendly, making them a popular choice for clients seeking cost-effective solutions.

  2. Durability: Despite being reasonably priced, Uniboard’s melamine products offer impressive durability, capable of withstanding daily wear and tear.

  3. Design Options: Uniboard offers a range of color and pattern options, enabling us to deliver custom designs to suit diverse client preferences.

1BENMU Uniboard Cabinets Experts in Toronto

When it comes to modern interior design, 1BENMU is one of the top design-driven and high-quality millwork and kitchen cabinet design experts in Toronto and the GTA.

Our designers and contractors are changing the way people think about interior space design and leveraging Uniboard’s product durability and aesthetic appeal, we transform residential and commercial spaces into something unique.

Please note that we only use Uniboard products in our custom projects and we don’t have any sponsorship, partnership, authorization, or other direct connection with the mentioned brand. Learn more about Uniboard Products.

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